Good afternoon Aikidoka

January was a busy and active month for Airenjuku. As usual we greeted the New Year with our Misogi practice; we expiated our sins only to start again by having a drink of sake afterwards! Well done to the newer students who endured the session. Mid month we were visited by Steve Magson Sensei. Travelling from France Steve Sensei shares some of his knowledge and experience. A big thank you and congratulations to our newer students who attended the course and made their best efforts to keep up.

Andrew Sensei was invited to teach at Bedford. As always he was greeted with enthusiasm from the clubs ‘cousins’. A great afternoon was had and Andrew would like to thank everyone who travelled from London to attend the class. It was most appreciated.

January also saw the reintroduction of the Kenshusei program. Introduced a few years back by Andrew Sensei he has redesigned the content and delivery. The first course was well attended and students trained and learned enthusiastically. Further Kenshusei sessions will be held at Student Central on the last Monday of the month running up to the summer. These will be supported by other specialised courses. Following the course Sue Sensei took some students to train on a course in High Wycombe which was organised by the Sotenjuku dojo and Neil Mould.

February seems a quiet month though the UKA Winter School will take place at the beginning of March. If you wish to travel with the club please contact Sue Sensei to reserve your place on the mini bus.

Summer School at this point may seem a long way away but we are already making plans to attend with three large tents. There are only a couple of places left. If you want a cost effective week of training contact Andrew Sensei to reserve your place.

As you can see we are an active and busy club. Please check Facebook for updates regarding any alterations to classes or special events we are hosting it involved with.

Classes this month are due to run as normal with the Kenshusei session (to which everyone is welcome) will take place on Monday 29th February. We hope to see you soon.

Best regards,

Sue and Andrew